Alumni in the News

Robert Bowden '08: Working to Restore the Hill District, One Block at a Time
Bowden works as the behavioral health community organizer at FOCUS Pittsburgh, a nonprofit group that runs a health clinic, provides free career skills training and distributes free lunches to the homeless. Bowden is working to improve the neighborhood where he grew up, literally block by block. (Read More: News story by 90.5 WESA) (Photo courtesy of Noah Brode for 90.5 WESA)
Brian P. Maoloney '07: Named Operations Director of Plum Emergency Medical Services
Brian Maloney started work in June 2017, after the EMS board unanimously hired him.  Maloney earned a master's in professional leadership from Carlow University in 2007. “We wanted someone with a degree, and that's where EMS is going nowadays,” Plum EMS co-founder and board president Greg Sahene said. (Read More: Article in the Tribune-Review) (Photo courtesy of Lillian Dedomenic for the Tribune-Review)
Sarah J. Oliver-Carter '04 '10: Named Senior Director of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion at Penn State University
Penn State Human Resources has named Sara Oliver-Carter the new senior director of talent, diversity and inclusion, a newly created role under the administration department. Under this position, Oliver-Carter will work directly with the Vice President of Human Resources Susan Basso, and manage a team of individuals responsible for several different tasks. (Read More: Link to Article in Daily Collegian) (Photo courtesy of
Kayla Sargeson '10: Publishes debut full-length poetry collection,
The psychology of colors has been studied for centuries by the likes of Goethe, Jung and an army of marketers. With the longest wavelength, red is said to be the most physical of colors, raising pulses and stimulating “fight or flight” responses. It’s been described as stimulating, and lacking subtlety. And it works as a powerful theme in Kayla Sargeson’s debut full-length poetry collection, First Red (Main Street Rag). (Read More: Review from the Pittsburgh City Paper) (Photo courtesy of
Nikita R. Steals '98: Joins Clearview as Director of Human Capital
Brian Davis, Managing Director and CEO of Clearview Group, LLC, announced the addition of Nikita R. Steals, as Director of Human Capital. In this capacity, she will lead the strategic development and execution of Clearview’s staffing and recruiting practice. (Read More: Link to article at (Photo courtesy of LinkedIn)
Carol L. Adams '99: Honored with the 2016 Red Cross Hero Lifetime Commitment Award
Carol L. Adams joined the Red Cross as a volunteer in 2002. Her reasons for becoming involved with the Red Cross, however, were not the usual volunteer’s motivations. Carol, a senior systems analyst, disaster recovery/business continuity coordinator with Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), was interested in learning how to ensure employees would be prepared in the event of a disaster. (Read More: Link to event press release) (Photo courtesy of LinkedIn)
Cathy Light '07: Promoted to Secretary of the Corporation and Chief of Staff at Carnegie Mellon University
Light will now serve as secretary of the corporation and chief of staff. In this capacity, she will oversee the Office of the President, coordinating internal and external stakeholder interactions, and support the board of trustees. (Read More: Link to The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon's Student Newspaper) (Photo courtesy of
Charma D. Dudley, PhD, FPPR '80: Named the president of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern PA Board of Directors
Dr. Dudley 
is a licensed psychologist and also employed as an Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services at Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania - See more at:
is a licensed psychologist and also employed as an Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services at Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania - See more at:
is a licensed psychologist and also employed as an Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services at Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania - See more at:
is a licensed psychologist and also employed as an Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services at Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania. (Read More: Link to biography at the National Alliance on Mental Illness website) (Photo courtesy of
Maria Angelica Caruso '04: Ballet Pays Homage to Human Form
Bodiography Contemporary Ballet founder Maria Angelica Caruso '04 created a company that celebrates differing forms of the body. (Read More: Link to article by The Charlotte Post) (Photo by Eric Rosé)
Dorothy A. Davis, Esq. '78:  Law firm Eckert Seamans names first woman to CEO post
Pittsburgh-based Eckert Seamans law firm announced today that Dorothy A. Davis will be the first woman to assume the role of chief executive officer at the firm. (Read More: Link to news article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (Photo courtesy of Eckert Seamans)
Sabrina Saunders Mosby '11: Named President & CEO of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership
The Coro Center for Civic Leadership, Pittsburgh announced today that Sabrina Saunders Mosby has been named President and CEO, beginning April 3rd. (Read More: Link to press release at Bezinga) (Photo courtesy of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership)
Janice Nash, DNP '12: Nursing Excellence Honoree
Janice Nash, director of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, is a Pittsburgh Magazine 2016 Excellence in Nursing honoree. In the December edition of the magazine, she's praised as an academic with deep clinical experience who strongly values education and the programs at Carlow.
Yasmin Shaheed '16: A Bright Light in Business
More than a project wrangler or a whiz with spreadsheets, Yasmin Shaheed has a twinkle in her eye that tells you in one look; if there is a secret ingredient to success, this 2016 MBA graduate has got it.
Manjit Bhullar, RN, BSN '14: Leadership in Nursing
Manjit Bhullar, RN, BSN '14 remembers the moment he decided to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. "It was when I found out my daughter was going to be born. I work really hard, for my kids and my family," says Bhullar. Like many new parents, Bhullar wanted to maximize his earning potential. His education paved a path for his promotion to nursing director in the emergency department at Somerset Hospital in Somerset, Pennsylvania.
Katie Crawford '09: A Creative Career
A graduate can go far with the right major combined with a strong liberal arts background.  Katie Crawford '09 remembers being in high school and thinking about her next steps. When selecting a college it came down to a few basic but important questions: Where is it located? Does it have the right major for me? Does it have that certain something?
Kayla Bower '11: Here for You(th)
Kayla Bowyer, a 2011 Communications graduate, fondly recalls Mercy Service Day. Today, as Amachi ambassadors coordinator for Amachi Pittsburgh, she still takes service seriously. Her values—strengthened at Carlow—fuel her life’s pursuits. Carlow talked with Bowyer about her amazing job and the interesting work she does every day.