GOLD Award

Alumni Association Graduates of the Last Decade Award

This award, which is presented at Alumni Weekend in October, recognizes graduates of the last decade who embody in their own life the Carlow University traditions of excellence and shared values through their professional achievements, personal accomplishments and dedication to the mission of the university.

These individuals have distinguished themselves not only in their academic and professional lives, but also their dedication and commitment to Carlow.

Nomination & Eligibility

Nominees must be graduates of Carlow University. The reputation, achievements and contributions of the nominee must bring honor and prestige to the University and its mercy-inspired mission. The nominee is expected to attend alumni weekend to receive the award, except in rare circumstances.

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When nominating an alum for the G.O.L.D. Award, please provide the following:

  • Documentation of public or professional recognition the nominee has gained in her/his field of endeavor.
  • Professional endorsement of the candidate: contact information from someone who knows of the nominee’s involvement in the area of the award for which she/he is being nominated.

PLEASE NOTE: The Committee asks all nominators to appreciate the confidentiality of this process. The candidate maybe personally or professionally uncomfortable if there is a breach in the information’s confidentiality.